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DC315 ICC-ES report 3702 and Code Compliance Report 10215 Verify that DC315 Meets Current IBC and IRC Code Compliance!

DC315 ICC-ES and Code Compliance Reports

DC 315 Certified Warnock Hersey Approved IBC Code-Compliant Thermal & Ignition Barrier Over Spray Foam Polyurethane (SPF).

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If a coating has not passed a full scale test on a manufacturer's foam it cannot be used on that foam there are no exceptions in the IBC Code!

                                                           Fire Retardant  Coatings                                                                                   Fire Rated Caulk, Putty, Collars, Mortar and More 

DC 315: Applied over Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF), is an Alternative Thermal Barrier System in “Section 2603.9 Special Approval”
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DC 315

DC315 ICC-ES and Code Compliance Reports

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Application Guide
Ventilation Guide
DC 315 Sell Sheet

DC 315 Technical Data Sheet

DC 315 SDS
Safety Data Sheet

DC 315 Master Specification

Intumescent Coatings

DC 333: For Use on Eave’s, Wood, Gypsum (DryWall), and OSB. Class A, 30 minutes, or One hour.     
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DC 333
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Application Guide DC 333
DC 333 SDS
Safety Data Sheet
UL Listed
Intertnational Fireproof Technology Inc.
Firestop Products: Fire Rated Firestop through penetration and fill, void or cavity material.
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Firestop Products

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FM Aproved

Fire Retardant Fabric Spray

DC 68: Fire Retardant Fabric Spray is use for interior furniture and synthetic fabrics.
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DC 68
DC 68 Technical Data Sheet
DC 68 SDS 
Safety Data Sheet
UL CoC of DC68 - based on NFPA 701 Tests
UL Certificate of Compliance
UL Listed

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