IFTI Huge Announcement at Spray Foam 2017 Convention & Expo

IFTI is very excited to announce our new Intertek CCRR-1076 (Code ompliance Research Report) which demonstrates DC315 as a thermal barrier is code compliant with the new AC377 and AC456. It’s the best report ever, it’s true. This is exciting news for IFTI and all spray polyurethane foam manufacturers and contractors because it makes proving code compliance a breeze. This further separates IFTI from their competitors in the amount and depth of approvals. IFTI is literally building a wall between them and their competition, it’s huge.

Please stop by Booth 318 at the Spray Foam 2017 Convention & Expo in Palm Springs, CA Jan 29-February 1 to find out more about this and to learn more about what IFTI has to offer. You will be blown away with how knowledgeable Gary Wolf and Brad Glazier are about their products. IFTI has the best employees.

IFTI not only manufacture the most widely tested and approved intumescent coating over spray polyurethane foam, but IFTI also manufactures a complete line of the Firestop systems. IFTI is your one source for intumescent and fire stop protection and we continue to stand by our mantra of The Proof is in the Testing – we don’t claim it unless we’ve proved it. Our mantra is the best mantra, it’s true.


Enter the #ShowYourDC315 Photo Contest and Win $250

Who wants to win big money? IFTI, supplier of DC315 intumescent and thermal barrier coating for spay polyurethane foam, is running a good old fashion photo contest called #ShowYourDC315 starting today, Monday, September 12. We’re playing for big cash prizes of $250, $175, or $75? Want to win? Here’s how to play. Continue reading “Enter the #ShowYourDC315 Photo Contest and Win $250”

Thanks to Stony Creek Services for the Excellent Feedback

We received some amazing feedback from Bill Gibson of Stony Creek Services the other day. We wanted to share and say thanks to Mr. Gibson and Stony Creek Services. It was a pleasure working with you and always glad to help. Continue reading “Thanks to Stony Creek Services for the Excellent Feedback”

IFTI’s Development of AC456 Featured in SprayFoam Magazine

IFTI was recently featured in SprayFoam Magazine’s July/August 2016 publication for their work in development of AC456. See the article below!

See IFTI Featured Inside>

It didn’t take long for IFTI to realize that their thermal and ignition barrier coating need to be under the same quality control mechanisms as the spray polyurethane foam (SPF) they were being tasked to protect. Why was it mandatory that the SPF was under a third party quality control system while the intumescent coatings protecting the SPF where not?

IFTI stepped up and created AC456 with ICC-ES and was the first intumescent coating company to qualify their product obtaining ES-3702.

Check out the article for the entire story.

IFTI’s DC315 Obtains Canadian Approval with New Evaluation Report CCMC 14036-R

DC315 has Canadian approval with the new Evaluation Report CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) 14036-R as a thermal barrier over SPF (spray polyurethane foam) insulation. This is a huge step for IFTI (International Fireproof Technology, Inc.) further proving that they have the most tested and qualified intumescent thermal barrier product on the market. Continue reading “IFTI’s DC315 Obtains Canadian Approval with New Evaluation Report CCMC 14036-R”

IFTI’s ProTips for Installing Intumescent Coatings Efficiently and Accurately

Want some tips on how to save some time and money when installing DC315 intumescent coating over spray polyurethane foam (sprayfoam or SPF) insulation? A few weeks ago, we finished a Twitter campaign laying out our list of ProTips that are sure to save you money. We’ve laid them all out here below in case you missed them. Please follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss what’s next from IFTI. Continue reading “IFTI’s ProTips for Installing Intumescent Coatings Efficiently and Accurately”

Importance of Mixing DC315

DC315 must be thoroughly mixed before application. Failure to do so will seriously compromise the coating’s ability to perform. Unlike paint you grab from a home improvement store, DC315 does not appear unmixed, like the picture above, when you open the pail. An improperly mixed pail of DC315 is a problem because the components are not evenly dispersed, the viscosity will be incorrect and there may be lumps present. Let’s look at each of these and discuss why they can be a problem. Continue reading “Importance of Mixing DC315”

DC315 ICC-ES ESR-3702 and CCRR 10215 Verify that DC315 is Compliant to Current IBC and IRC Codes!

IFTI is AC456 and AC377 compliant and meets the applicable codes for “Alternative Thermal Barrier Assembly Testing” defined in both the IBC & IRC codebooks. The DC315 ESR-3702 and the CCRR 10215 reports are all you need to demonstrate this. ALL testing completed by IFTI with spray polyurethane foam (SPF) manufacturers IS COMPLIANT to all current and upcoming codes. SPF – DC315 assembly testing does NOT have to be listed on IFTI’s ES Report 3702, as the tested assembly is already listed on the sprayfoam manufacturer’s evaluation report. The two that are showing are reference listings as a requirement of ICC and were chosen randomly.


The benefits of using a coating, like DC315, that carries a compliant ICC-ES and CCRR Evaluation Report are numerous, but three key reasons to use DC315:

Continue reading “DC315 ICC-ES ESR-3702 and CCRR 10215 Verify that DC315 is Compliant to Current IBC and IRC Codes!”

Simple Method of Ensuring Accurate DC315 Thickness

One of the most frustrating things about installing DC315 is getting a call from some inspector saying you did not install enough product. At the least, this will require an unpaid trip back to your old jobsite. Worse, you’ll have to install more product at even more expense. But, the worst possible outcome is if there was a fire incident at the site and you’ve been accused of not installing your product correctly. Don’t you wish you had a way to prove you did the job correctly? Continue reading “Simple Method of Ensuring Accurate DC315 Thickness”

Thanks for Visiting us at Sprayfoam 2016

Thank you to all for stopping past our IFTI DC315 booth at Sprayfoam 2016  demonstrating our thermal and ignition barrier intumescent products. Also, thanks to all those who attended the break out session, “Understanding New Acceptance Criteria of Thermal and Ignition Barriers over SPF.”

It is exciting to see so many sprayfoam contractors wanting to gain a better understanding of new life safety codes. International Fireproof Technology Inc was honored to present this to the group.

Orlando 2016 was a great success for all who attended. See you all next year in Palm Springs, and please contact us if we can assist you in any way.