International Fireproof Technology Inc. (IFTI) and Gaco Western announced today that DC315 spray applied coating, passed over GacoGreen 052 – 0.5 lb. open cell foam as an ignition and thermal barrier.

Gary Wolfe Executive Vice President of IFTI states, “The addition of Gaco Western GacoGreen 052 OC foam is another step forward in IFTI’s goal to prove via testing and documentation, DC315 is the best code compliant solution for alternative ignition and thermal barrier use in the industry. IFTI leads the industry with its catalog of over 30 full scale tests on SPF, on both open and closed cell SPF with 14 major SPF manufactures. Any coating company can tell you their coating will work on the foam brand you spray; it is another thing to prove it with testing which is a critical requirement of alternative Ignition and thermal barrier solutions. If you are not using DC315 you may not be complying with the codes!”
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