DC315 Performance Testing for Canada

The Proof is in the Testing!

NES713 Testing of DC 315 combustion and Toxicity during burning of DC315

ASTM D5590 Antifungal Testing of coatings and film for Black and White Mold

50 Year Aging Useful Life of DC315


  • ASTM E661 Static and Impact Loading Concentrated load, hard and soft body impact and durability testing of DC315 over SPF with Full Scale NFPA 286 testing after 12 impacts in burn corner -out performed Gypsum by 225%
  • DC315 Physical Property Test 
    • ASTM D4400 Sag Resistance: 
    • ASTM D522 Flexibility, Mandrel Bend: 
    • ASTM D4541 Adhesion pull off strength: 
    • ASTM D4585 Moisture resistance for 100 hours: 
    • ASTM D4587 / ASTM G154Accelerated Weather QUV 1000 hours: 
    • ASTM D3359 Tape Adhesion: 
    • ASTM D2486 Scrub Resistance
  • CAN/ULC 135 Heat release rate of building materials