Foil Tape


2 mil, high strength aluminum foil tape meets the needs of many different industries and applications. Used on seams and joints of fiberglass and aluminum backed duct board to provide an air tight/vapor tight seal. Used in conjunction with INSS0812 Wrap Strips in Firestop systems. Tenacious adhesion making it ideal when temperature and humidity issues are present


Technical Data


•Flame resistance

•Seal Blankets against moisture and other elements

•Sealing out air and moisture

•Thermal conducting and shielding

•UV protection

•Temperature resistant

•Easy Repairs

•Quick stick at normal temperatures and superior low temperature performance at freezing.


• Malleable-confirms to irregular shapes

• High adhesion in difficult climates

• Excellent Fire Properties

• Air tight/Vapor tight seal

Technical Parameters

Adhesive:                                  Acrylic

Backing:                                    Aluminum Foil

Backing Thickness:                 2.8 mils (0.07mm)

Total Thickness:                       4.6 mils (0.12mm)

Temperature Use Range:        -65°F to 300°F (-54°C to 149°C)