IFTI DC315 Certified Applicator Program

IFTI has designed this course to raise the bar on installation, compliance and field quality assurance of DC315. The course is set up in 4 modules and as you work through there will be links to videos to watch. Combined these tools will provide you, the applicator, with the knowledge and tools to offer the best code compliant solution for protecting SPF insulation to current standards and turn compliance into a profit opportunity.

Welcome to IFTI’s DC315 Certified Applicator Program (CAP)

Our CAP training course is designed to give the DC315 coating applicator a complete understanding of DC315 product information, techniques and code compliance.

This information is pertinent to the installation of DC315, alternate thermal and ignition barrier code compliant coating for SPF insulation. Upon completion the Certified Applicator will become part of the IFTI CAP system, you will be provided with a certificate of completion that you can use in all stages of obtaining jobs- from the bid stage through to final approvals and compliance. 


Benefits of Obtaining Your IFTI DC315 Certified Applicator Certification

Turn a code requirement into a profit opportunity and place your company above the competition

An educated applicator gets the job, not necessarily the cheapest. Sure the cheap bid wins some jobs, but most contractors, building owners, and consumers look highly on an applicator who understand and guides them in the application of a coating to ensure Fire and Life Safety Codes are met.

Applicator certification shows extensive due diligence and education on your part as the applicator. This will go a long way to showing you take life safety seriously and are providing a tangible measure of assurance to your inspectors and AHJ’s that the product and installation meet applicable regulatory requirements.