International Fireproof Technology, Inc. (IFTI) recently conducted multiple FULL SCALE NFPA 286 fire tests using its new DC315 BLACK INTUMESCENT COATING for use as a 15 Minute Alternative Thermal Barrier or Appendix X Ignition Barrier for SPF.

Instead of just supplying the coating to consumers, IFTI ran it through full scale fire testing. “Why would we do this? The answer is simple—to reduce yours and your customers liability and to prove DC315 Black is fully tested and provides the same level of fire protection to that of our other standard colors,” explains Gary Wolfe, Executive Vice President of IFTI. “This level of assurance not only reduces liability but eases acceptance by your local authority.”

IFTI has spent over two years working with world leaders in Tint and Chemical Technology to develop their Black solution. Why did it take so long? DC315 is inherently white and traditional tints or colorants required the addition of such high amounts that the intumescent features of the coating would be compromised.

Wolfe states, “While other coating manufacturers may claim to have a black solution can they show you multiple full-scale tests proving their black coating passes? Is black listed on their “Evaluation Report” or “Product Listing” proving the properties are unaffected? The answer is simple – No, and without these the Black Coating does not comply to IBC/IRC Building Codes.”

To assure compliance, IFTI updated their evaluation reports (see section 4.0 of ER-499) and product compliance listings to include the DC315 Black, all backed by testing and accredited 3rd party verification.

“Making a black coating is NOT as simple as tinting a product black,” Wolfe adds. “It must be manufactured and tested to ensure its performance and DC315 Black is the only fully tested Black Intumescent Thermal barrier on the market today!”

International Fireproof Technology Inc. (IFTI) is the manufacturer of the industry leading DC315 intumescent coating 15-minute thermal barrier and Ignition barrier fire protection of spray foam insulation. In addition, IFTI offers highly tested firestop products, intumescent fire retardants, thermal barriers and fire protective coatings. Not to mention, IFTI’s products help stop the spread of fire, smoke, and hot gases over combustible substrates such as cableswood, gypsum, I-Joists and fabrics. Equally important, IFTI products were  designed and tested for the global market and are fully listed and compliant to many international standards. Standards include NFPA, ASTM, UL, ULC, Intertek and FM.