Icynene® and International Fireproof Technology Inc. (IFTI) are proud to announce the addition of DC 315TM to ICC ES report numbers 1826 and 2715 for use over Icynene®’s  LD-C-50TM  and LD-R-50TM foams. LD-C-50TM is one of Icynene®’s most popular insulation products and has been the preferred light density half pound foam in residential and commercial properties for over 20 years. LD-R-50TM is Icynene®’s renewable light density half pound foam that is made from high yield castor oil. The ICC ES reports recognize DC 315TM as an acceptable alternative to thermal or ignition barriers over either LD-C-50TM or LD-R-50TM. Contractors and foam applicators now have increased flexibility and an economical option instead of using ½ inch gypsum board. Depending on thermal or ignition barrier application, using DC 315TM will be a cost-effective, code-compliant, one product solution, claims the manufacturer.
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