Approved (SPF) Spray Foam Manufacturer and Type Wet
Coverage Rate Per Gallon IFTI ICC-ESR Evaluation
IFTI IAPMO Evaluation
SPF Manufacturer Evaluation
Spray Equipment & Coatings Spray EZ 2000 2 lb. CC 18 12 89 sq.ft.
Spray Equipment & Coatings Spray EZ 500 0.5 lb. OC 20 13 80 sq.ft.


Approved Foam Testing Matrix For DC315
Building Code Fire Performance Requirements for SPF:  The International Building Code (IBC) mandates that SPF be separated from the interior of the building by a prescriptive 15-minute thermal barrier, or other approved covering. DC315 Carries IAPMO ER-0499 and ICC-ESR 3702 Evaluation Report confirming DC315 provides an alternative thermal barrier assembly to the prescriptive thermal barrier requirments and  all testing complies with the 2012 IBC Section 803.1.2 & 2603.10. 2012 IRC  Section  316.6.  2015  IBC  Section  803.2.1,  803.11, 2603.9 and 2015 IRC Section 316.6.  DC 315 has also been tested as an ignition barrier under AC 377 Appendix X and meets the requirements of  ICC-ES AC377 and AC456 Criteria.
Light Gold Cells are Ignition Barrier    Light Green Cells are Thermal Barrier




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