As an Industry we have an obligation to our end users safety. Intumescent coatings offer the SPF industry a more economical solution to “CODE REQUIRED” barriers, and a method to apply a barrier where access is difficult. Sorting through the codes on when and where an ignition and thermal barrier is required is hard enough, but buying a coating is simple if you remember to always lead with one simple question, ”Has your coating been tested on the foam I am using.”  Understanding the answer is easy, as it is either Yes or NO!  Please look at our easy to understand testing matrix below. It clearly states what testing DC315 has passed; on what brands of foam, what test, what date, with whom, WFT and DFT application rate, and the certified full scale code required test number so you and your code officials can easily support our claim.  Paint to Protect DC315 we proudly showed you ours! If you are not using DC315 ask you current coatings supplier to show you theirs!  DC315 the proof is in the testing, settle for nothing less.
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