ProWrap Blanket

ProWrap Blanket is a fire resistive barrier product developed to provide true fire protection for electrical component systems threatened by a hydrocarbon fire condition.  ProWrap Blanket is a ceramic fiber blanket made from the purest raw materials which are electromelted, air-blown at high speed and fiberized.  It is needle punched from both sides and possesses high strength before or after heating.  Light in weight and soft to touch. ProWrap Blanket is under FM Global follow-up inspection service at manufacturing locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, which insures that the product received for installation meets the same exacting quality standards of the material that was submitted for testing.

Technical Data

Technical Documents

ProWrap Blanket Data Sheet

Test Standards, Codes Compliance

ASTM E1725
ASTM E1529
FM Approval Class:397


  • Excellent refractory and insulating properties
  • High strength, light weight, flexible wrap for easy installation
  • 30 minutes cable tray and conduit hydrocarbon fire protection
  • FM approved base on worse-case test (Empty tray/conduit; no heat sink)
  • Zero flame and no smoke
  • Thermal stability and low shrinkage
  • Max. temperature use up to 12600